Moving Sites

Hi everyone! Firstly, thank you for continuing to come here. Secondly, I’d like you to know that I’ve moved my website to: joelynalexandra.weebly.com Similar to “The Blanket Fortress is a Metaphor!”, my new site will have posts about: Storytelling events (Comics, Novels, Games etc…) Reviews of novels, anthologies, comics, and games Arts Management Planners Travel… Continue reading Moving Sites



Next-in-Reading #54: Asking for Trouble

Title: Asking for Trouble Author: Jason Hahn Year: 2005 Publisher: Marshall Cavendish, Times Editions I’ve been a fan of Jason Hahn’s work since I started reading “The Last Page” on 8 Days. While it took some getting used to at that age, his tales about his roommates Saffy and Amanda were hilarious, and something I looked forward to every… Continue reading Next-in-Reading #54: Asking for Trouble