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Blanket Fortress Play: Adversity

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My last post was about games which were not safe for work. Or rather, not safe for anything else.

This post will feature one of the first few games I played while I was still going back to playing analog games. After introducing this to the Valkyrie Knights, they dubbed it “Cards Against Humanity for advertisers”.


My set up of the game.
My set up of the game.

The aim of Adversity is the first agency to get 1 Spokes Animal, 1 Spokesperson, and to hire Max Madison, the Ultimate Spokesperson.

Each Player should get:

  • 1 voting wheel
  • 5 ad slogan cards
  • $100,000 AdVersityTM Cash

Next, choose one person to be the banker for the game. Then, lay down your first product list card, and you are ready to start the game!

The Game We Played

So AdVersity is a game pitching each player, who represent agencies, against each other. So like in the industry, the youngest player goes first – the player chooses a product to advertise for with the slogans in his / her hand, everyone else guesses which product the player chose, and the scoring gets done according to the rules.

And because it has been a while since we’ve played a round of AdVersity, here are some of the snippets I remembered from my plays:

  1. The first time I played AdVersity, some of my friends were surprised or confused with the brands which were probably more prominent in the US. So when the brand “Astroglide” came up, I answered, “Oh, that’s lubricant” a little too quickly.
  2. The next time I played this with the current gang, we were challenging each other to not put slogans down for R21 products. Sarah did really well with this.

Gameplay Winner: With the last game I played, it was Dude, though no one was really surprised. LOLOL.

Adversity was created by Garrett J. Donner, Brian S. Spence, and Michael S. Steer. You can find out more about the game here.

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