Next-in-Reading #54: Asking for Trouble

Next In Reading

Title: Asking for Trouble
Jason Hahn
Marshall Cavendish, Times Editions

I’ve been a fan of Jason Hahn’s work since I started reading “The Last Page” on 8 Days. While it took some getting used to at that age, his tales about his roommates Saffy and Amanda were hilarious, and something I looked forward to every time a new issue of 8 Days came in.

This book, in a nutshell, covers Jason’s journey from Australia to Singapore, when he started work as a lawyer, and all the madcap tales of his two roommates – the well-endowed Saffy, and the seemingly-flawless Amanda.

While topics ranged from housekeeping, to careers, to relationships and sex, the comedic value of this piece comes from Jason’s storytelling technique – vivid but genuine. You can literally watch the action unfold in front of you, especially with the hawker centre scenes.

Jason’s trump card in Asking for Trouble, I feel, would probably be his characters. While I do not question the extent of dramatisation, it is amazing how he is able to turn your average (maybe not so much) conversation into something you imagine to be incredibly dramatic. That, or his conversations with his friends are that awesome.

Maybe it’s time for me to really start chronicling all our random conversations properly.

Jason writes online mostly now, so you can continue reading his experiences here.

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