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Muse Moment: Inheritance

Muse Moment

This piece formed in my head on the way to meet the Tiger, Wayne, and Annabelle for Wayne’s birthday stuff. Deciding to give their Real Escape Game (held at Haw Par Villa ofallplacesrslyomgosh), coupled with the Tiger’s introduction of this new psychological-horror / thriller video game, “We Happy Few”, I was reminded of Undertale once again.

I haven’t written fan fiction in a while, so please indulge me with this piece. I hope you like it.


Joelyn Alexandra

“I think we’ve had enough for today,” Toriel put her tea cup down and got off her seat. I stood with her, reaching for the teapot in her hands. She smiled and shook her head.

“Let me,” I said.

“Let her be, kid,” the pudgy skeleton winked, “You know how she doesn’t get to potter about the kitchen nowadays.” The double toms and cymbals rang in my head. Papyrus jumped up, cape fluttering and finger in the air.


With a sigh and a grin, I sat myself back down, letting the two head to the kitchen and wash up. Taking note of Sans’s glint at the corner of my eye, I looked over my shoulder before I leaned over, “You have something for me.”

His eye glinted orange, then cyan in a split second.

“Flowey?” I mouthed.

He shook his head.

“The Queen, Alphys, and I have been keeping an eye on him over the years,” he said, “He’s been progressing well. But no, it’s not the flower.” I opened my mouth again, only to have it shut when he continued, “Or the king.”

He leaned closer.

“Alphys found an anomaly,” he said.

My brows furrowed. The underground and the surface world had been living in peace for the last decade or so. While the old gang has been monitoring the situation at Ebott regularly, evil manages to seep through, though there wasn’t anything we that could cause something of this level of concern.

“How long?”

His sockets went black.

“Since your daughter turned 10,” he said.

I looked upstairs. My daughter, most probably asleep, and her older brother, my son, reading with his father. She turned 10 a week ago – the same week I fell to the underground and met the old gang.

I sighed.

“What did Alphys find?”

His sockets remained dark.


When his iris returned, the sound of little feet sounded at our ceiling. I turned to the kitchen, watching as the silhouette of my daughter pattered to the kitchen in her colour-striped pajamas. Maternal instincts still sharp, Toriel turned and smiled, only to be greeted with a glint in my little girl’s eye. The glint which remained as she smiled back and asked, “There’s no more chocolate in the fridge?”

Leaving Sans in the living room, I signalled Toriel and Papyrus out of the kitchen.

Her eyes stayed on me as she grinned.

“Why are you up, hun?” I asked.

“And where are the knives, Mommy?” she asked.

“I’ll show you,” I replied, “After I send Ms. Chara on her way.”


P/S – I really wanted to change Sans and Papyrus’s dialogue to their appropriate fonts, but formatting seems to prevent it! I hope you enjoy this regardless =)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned for more Muse Moment pieces, or take a look at the rest of my other Muse Moment works here.

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