Signal Boost

Signal Boost [July 2016]

Signal Boost

And we’re now in the 2nd half and 3rd quarter of 2016. While walking back to Parkway Parade after a cycling trip with the Tiger last weekend, he gave me a line which I felt rang true.

This is the time of the year when you either jump up and get into gear, or panic.”

We’d all say that the lull during the first half of the year seems to go on forever. That is until July hits.

So here are some events we’ll be heading to while we chug towards the end of the year…

Comic Face-Off

Following last year’s event, comic artists Max Loh, Benjamin Chee, and Drewscape are now joined by artist Gary Choo for this year’s round robin comic session. Do come down to show your support by watching and buying some of their works (I’ll be their booth monkey for the day!) Event details are as follows:

Venue: Programme Zone, Bishan Public Library
16 July 2016, Saturday
3PM – 6PM

To find out more about the event, click here. To see how last year’s event went, click here.

At the same time, READ! Fest 2016 will be continuing until National Reading Day comes on 30 July 2016. Check out their coming activities here and do pledge to read at any of your libraries and bookstores today.

And just to top things off, I’m excited to announce that Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar Issue #2 stories are in and going through edits! Stay tuned for more updates on our works-in-progress and who our guest creators are on our Instagram and Facebook!


Shameless Promo (LOLOL!!!): Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar #1: A Roll of the Dice, is available in Singapore, Malaysia, and online! Do check us out here:


SINGAPORE: BooksActually, Cat Socrates

MALAYSIA: Kedai Fixi, Silverfish Books

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