The Blanket Fortress is a Metaphor!

I read and write things (mostly Mystery / Dystopia), play board games, go on adventures, stay calm with calligraphy, and try not to burn my bakes.


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The Blanket Fortress is a Metaphor!

To paraphrase William Blake, my business is to create. And with this creation forms the centre of my blanket fortress.

The Blanket Fortress is not only a symbol of comfort and protection, but also of imagination. To retreat into your blanket fortress is to retreat into your own world. Therefore, let me play archivist, and allow me to aid you as you explore mine.


My latest dive into the kitchen has inspired me to go deeper into the baking world. I’m allergic to physical nuts (but strangely not to smooth peanut or hazelnut spreads), so I’m also looking to go nut-free with my posts under Bakes & Bites.

The only way I would be convinced to ink and draw would be if the subject was either typography or calligraphy. These days, I love incorporating my words into gifts as I dabble in various crafts. Enjoyable and calming, I hope I’ll be able to put up some of the things I’ve done on posts under Calligraphical!

Books form the basis of my being – they are the discount tickets to alternate universes, and the invisibility cloaks to the scene of the crime. I write stories in dystopian parallels and mysterious locked rooms. I try to read more than I did yesterday, so you can catch a glimpse past the book covers with posts from Next-in-Reading, Book Bites, and Muse Moment. You can find my works here or on my Wattpad.

My interest in Board Games was rekindled over a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill and constant watching of TableTop and Team Hypercube. Apart from engaging friends through this much-appreciated activity, I would love to explore how board games can help storytelling and education. Check out these exploits on Blanket Fortress Plays.

And what is life without adventure? Museums, Travel, Life Missions, and Gatherings are but a sliver of what life has to offer. Watch as I join my friends and our crazy adventures under Decode: Adventure, Museum Escapades, and reflections under Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind.


Joelyn is available for reviews, advertorials, readings, and presentations. For her portfolio or more details, contact her at joelyn.alexandra@gmail.com or check out her bibliography on her “Works” page.

And with that, thank you for coming to my blanket fortress, and I’ll see you soon!

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