Updates [June 2016]

Featured Posts

June has been particularly busy in the office – what with clearing everything up so that I can have a good-enough handover. That’s the first half of the month. The second half of the month is myself trying to clear all my other pending projects before I start at my new workplace.

Despite that, I thought I’d share some of my posts this month:

Writer-y Endeavours

I’ve been clearing a lot on my side, so I’m quite happy that I have submitted the stories and the projects I had to clear from the last month. Regardless, I’m also happy that I managed to put the following posts up for all of you to enjoy =)

Coming Up Soon!

  • Japan Prep (Yes! We’re going to Japan!)
  • Comics Face-Off in July
  • A mad dash for the Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar #2 Finishing Line
  • And fingers crossed on more opportunities
  • More updates on things to come!

I’ll see you next month!

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