Next-in-Reading #53: Vanishing Point

Next In Reading

Title: Vanishing Point
Author: Felix Cheong
Year: 2012
Publisher: Ethos Books

“The art of magic – and the magic of art – is disappearance.” – Ray, You Will Be Out Like a Light

With this collection of short stories, Felix covers some real issues we’d rather ignore than tackle. Let’s take a look at a few of the pieces in this compilation.

Leaving the individual sphere, the complexities of love and relationships where a party gets pushed aside and rationalised as a willing party in the art of deception comes across in “You Will Be Out Like a Light.”

Finally, Felix talks about the escapism some people subscribe to in order to run away from reality in “The Boy with the Missing Thumb,” depicting a world that some people would rather not deal with. Especially those who see the world as one which would rather them be ‘invisible.’ Therefore, they dwell in their created utopias which end up reinforcing their insecurities.

In our fast-paced society, Vanishing Point can come as a waking point to notice that our lives are sometimes taken for granted, whether by ourselves or by others. Felix’s relatable writing and dialogue reminds us that there is no “them”, as we may like to position ourselves to be. In fact, we’re probably not that different after all.

For more information on Vanishing Point, click here.

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