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Book Bites: CAFKL3 2016

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It has been a while since I wrote about one of these events, and I’m glad I’m breaking the silence with a doozy like CAFKL3.

This trip, I was going back to sell Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar #1: A Roll of the Dice copies and accompanying postcards, so I was pretty excited to see how the response was going to be like. I was also excited for the fact that our booth area was going to be a hoot:

So if the books weren’t moving (TOUCH WOOD), we would at least have some fun conversing and other things.

Set up and ready to go!
Set up and ready to go!

This year’s location was at the Makespace Area of Quill Mall, an underground (literally, it was at B1) corner of the mall for events, especially youth and indie events. So you could say we went for an underground comic rave, because the area definitely looked like it was up for that.

For Day 1, we set up quickly while Ben commented on the fact that we always seem to have that luck of being next to a booth with a spare seat (Eisu’s booth, this time). Being on the further side of the panel, the traffic only increased towards the second half of the day, but it was also a great time to catch up with friends and fellow artists.

Also, the guys in Maple Comics were so incredibly excited every time someone bought something, it was getting infectious. Turned out using a cash register for the first time during a convention can bring such joy.

The average crowd over both days of the festival.
The average crowd over both days of the festival.

And since we only needed to turn around to see what was happening at the panels for the day, we managed to catch FSC’s (Foo Swee Chin) watercolour demo live on stage. (And also get some rock candy from her because we egged Eisu to go say hi since they knew each other from way back)

Day 2 went by like a breeze. However, I believe it was because we met so many people (friends and from the industry) – Naoko and Ganaesh dropped by (our two Pulp Toast Core Writers from Malaysia), the guys from Maple came to say hi, even Amir came and asked about our new books!

And the more I looked around, the more I thought to myself, this is a pretty good area to start building art across genres, mediums, and people. After all, what matters are the stories, right?

The spoils from my rounds
The spoils from my rounds

While day 2 went by quickly, the encouragement of CAFKL, once again, stayed with me for a long time. Once again, there was great art, funny stories, mind-blowing adventures, and excitement all around. Admittedly, we may be getting a bit older, but the pace of this festival felt right. Major thanks to the organizing crew (Ezel, Nerv, Mika, and too many to name!) and the event volunteers for making this happen!

Therefore, I’m looking forward to the next CAFKL, or a Singapore version, or the opportunity to go to an international version of the Comic Art Festival.

For more information on CAFKL, click here.

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