Next-in-Reading #52: Something New – Tales from a Makeshift Bride

Next In Reading

Title: Something New – Tales of a Makeshift Bride
Author: Lucy Knisley
Year: 2016
First Second Books

“So when my family and friends came all the way across the country to the wedding, they’d see that I wasn’t just a bride – I was an artist.”

While I missed going to this year’s Free Comic Book Day, I was still able to read some of the Tiger’s haul. One of them was the latest book by Lucy Knisley (he bought this, it wasn’t free, thank goodness. LOLOL.) After he introduced her first book, French Milk, to me, I became a fan.

Something New speaks of her journey as she got back together with her now-husband, got engaged, and planned her wedding. The common conflicts, questions, and doubts aside, Something New presents a reflective point of view as she entered this stage of her life.

Knisley’s consistently simply art style complements her honest storytelling. Taking us through the journey from her first doubts to her thoughts after the wedding, the book covered the one thing no wedding magazine probably will – the toll on your mental and emotional state.

I smiled when she spoke about wanting to have her wedding on her own terms. I did a facepalm when she spoke about how her mother pulled out the “weddings were for our parents and we listened to them” card. I cheered her on as she spoke about literally making almost all of her wedding. I cried when she burst into tears in front of John. I laughed at all the quirks in between.

With her taking you on a chronological, autobiographical story, the journey was easy to follow. And because she told her story from the heart, Something New is one you can relate to, whether or not you’ve gone through a wedding.

Once again, Knisley doesn’t disappoint.

Something New – Tales of a Makeshift Bride, was created by Lucy Knisley and published by First Second. To find out more about Lucy and her books, click here.

And I’ll see you next week!

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