Signal Boost

Signal Boost [May 2016]

Signal Boost

First thing’s first, MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. Happy Star Wars Day!

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m excited for May, and here’s why:

  • Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) – 7 May

Happens every first weekend of May, but this is probably going to be the last FCBD at GnB Comics, at least until they can find a new place. So be sure to go down and take a look! If you’re raring to go around the country for your comic fix, check out the highlights from Kinokuniya (Main Store) and Absolute Comics. Even the Geek Highness herself, Red Dot Diva has some pre-event goodies for you to get into the groove as well.

  • Doujinma – 7-8 May

Happening on the same weekend, Doujinma, short for Doujin Market, will be adding to the comicking atmosphere at the Suntec Convention Centre.

Sarah will be giving a presentation on “Scriptwriting for Comics” from 4-5pm so do come down to say hi!

If you’re still looking to escape from life’s realities, we’ll be selling a few copies of “Escape from Reality” during the presentation as well – SGD20 each!

For more information on what’s what, when’s what, and who’s who, check out their website here.

  • Comic Art Festival, Kuala Lumpur (CAFKL3) – 28-29 May

I’m really glad that CAFKL is becoming another indie creator event staple with Comic Fiesta. This year, the event is set to happen in Makespace, Lower Ground (LG) 16, Quill City Mall. The Tiger will be selling new comics this time, and I’ll be bringing out a new treat together with Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar #1: A Roll of the Dice. Do come check the event out if you’re in KL, and would like to take a look at the indie comic scene. More details to come, but if you’d like to find out more, click here!


Shameless Promo (LOLOL!!!): Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar #1: A Roll of the Dice, is available in Singapore, Malaysia, and online! Do check us out here:


SINGAPORE: BooksActually, Cat Socrates

MALAYSIA: Kedai Fixi, Silverfish Books

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