Updates [April 2016]

Featured Posts

I will be taking a break from putting up any featured posts for this month. April has been pretty stressful and thus, this blog had to take a back seat for a bit. Not to worry though! I’ve been working on a few major projects and catching up on a bit of prep so there will definitely be more content soon. Thank you all for reading, regardless!

Writer-y Endeavours

CAFKL3 Prep has definitely been more hectic for the Tiger than it was for me, but I am relieved to have the bulk of it out of the way. While I am excited for the coming events, I’ve also been doing some thinking on my future plans – hopefully with more focus and opportunity to grow in depth. Here’s what I came up with for this month though!:

Coming Up Soon!

  • More CAFKL3 Prep
  • Doujinma & Free Comic Book Day!
  • And fingers crossed on more opportunities
  • More updates on things to come!

I’ll see you next month!

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