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Blanket Fortress Play: Moral Dilemma & Cards Against Humanity

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I’m going to keep this month’s post short and sweet – These games are not safe for… pretty much everything.

Here’s the setting – It was Belle’s birthday, and her friend, Jill, brought a couple of party card games.

Here’s the context – We wanted to do something other than just eat and talk.

And we’re generally horrible people so we thought – let’s just go with the most offensive games we could think of.


Jill's games as we scrambled for them
Jill’s games as we scrambled for them

Many casual party gamers will know how Cards Against Humanity and Moral Dilemma are set up generally, but here’s how we played our rounds:

Cards Against Humanity

  • Everyone gets 10 answer cards
  • The first player (Judge) picks 2 question cards
  • The judge player chooses 1 card to play with and either keeps or returns the 2nd card
  • Everyone plays
  • We all laugh and/or judge

Moral Dilemma

  • Create the deck with the question cards (We created ours with the cards tagged red – for Very Offensive)
  • The first player chooses a card at random
  • S/he chooses Option A or B in secret, then reads the card out
  • Society decides A or B, and the player reveals their choice
  • We all either laugh, judge, shame, or all of the above because we’re horrible people.

The Game We Played

The “beauty” of games like Cards Against Humanity and Moral Dilemma is the fact that no two games are the same, and all of them probably have that same level of offense. So instead, here’s a few highlights while playing our games:

  1. Watching Wayne and the Tiger fight over whoever had the most black cards, only to have Mishi sneak from behind and take it all.
  2. “Existing” didn’t make an appearance this year, bummer.
  3. It speaks a lot about the crowd you’re playing with when we’re able to name answer cards off the top of our heads and the question cards in CAH start becoming cliché.
  4. Apparently, Wayne would actually report returns on investment if he found out that the investment was towards something unethical. Go figure.
  5. If Option A and B in Moral Dilemma sound incredibly unsavoury, take Option C. It may be worse, like how it’ll just say, “Go with B but A happens anyway”, but go with it for fun.

Gameplay Winner: Really?

But if you do want to see the kind of nonsense you can expect in both games, you can find out more about Cards Against Humanity here and Moral Dilemma here.

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