Muse Moment

Muse Moment: Falling

Muse MomentLately, my life has been filled with a lot of food, games, and writing. Not to complain, but it has been hectic. With Pulp Toast / Roti Bakar’s first issue finally out and Comic Fiesta already here, I’ve been inspired by an independent game on Steam.

Introduced to me by the Tiger, this game, Undertale, is an 8-bit computer game that makes you think and causes your hair to stand. Sometimes at the same time.

But without giving any spoilers, here’s a five-line poem I came up with inspired by this game:


Joelyn Alexandra

I came here after a dream,
To the mountain I saw.
Waking on flowers,
a whisper: “You will obey me.”


Many thanks to Kah Gay and Jerrold (Yam) for revising this poem during a workshop I missed (I was at Comic Fiesta instead!). This poem will be available on my Tablo. So do feel free to head there to take a look at other pieces I’ve written.

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