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Muse Moment: The Obstacle of Complexity

Muse MomentBecause most of my pictures for last month’s #365DaysinSG were about food, I thought I would try a flash fic on something which has been irking me these few days (at least on Social Media).


The Obstacle of Complexity

I dreamt a period drama I didn’t remember watching.

As my eyes moved to focus, I saw a perpetrator on a stake, and also his descendants, surrounding him, screaming and burning. Their executioner, the one who gave the order, sat overlooking them, nodding with a smirk I could never erase from memory.

Behind his title and his wall of fire, he shot down the flames of protest, calling treachery and harassment to every voice raised for humanity.

“What’s a few so-called innocent lives when it saves so much more?” he said.

I cringed, but I found myself separated by this large crowd of polarizing voices.

I struggled, I struggled with the complexity of truth and being. And yet, the image of this overlord smiling while patting his golden seal as he watched over the families he declared to be destroyed, played with my dream self’s depth perception.

At last, a sharp sound permeated my state of consciousness, and I turned. Not to the overlord, but to the flames, where the perpetrator laughed through his charred likeness. I stepped closer to the flames, and came to realize the nature of the hysteria.

It was not his demise the perpetrator was laughing at.

It was the likeness of his executioner.

He was no more than a mirror.

A mirror of his privileged prosecutor.


I guess if we expect to be respected as individuals, we have the moral obligation to see others as human as well. In times like these, the “us vs. them” mentality, ironically, is exactly what will bring our downfall. Dehumanizing innocents because of this “out-of-sight-out-of-my-ability-to-see-the-other-person-as-human” is easy, but it’s also exactly the right thing to do.

Which is why when it comes to people making declarations of others – citizens, peers, elders, people who are far away from them – in such an aggressive manner and don’t hesitate to tear down opposing voices with harsh names and ad hominem attacks, I struggle.

I struggle to see their point of view, because it will somehow result in me finding some cop-out excuse of a reason. And so the best I can do is to hope others have the sensibility to collectively ignore or call out bad behaviour in hopes that these individuals get the message.

And while I know this is all rich coming from me, I do hope you liked what I came up with. I’ve posted this on my Tablo too, so you can see what other works I have there.

Thank you and see you all again!

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