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Book Bites: Escape from Reality launch and MAP Showcase 2015

Book BitseThis post is more of a reflection that it will be about event coverage – I thought I’d talk about how it felt presenting during the Singapore Writers Festival, and leave my attendance of the other panels with the posts for the next two weeks.

Our “Escape from Reality” launch had a good turn-out, considering how there was a panel featuring Ken Liu just next door (The Tiger and I wanted to go for that, so darn!). Regardless, I was incredibly grateful for the audience we had, and active participation from Wayne, Jayson, and JayVee (both of the latter came down from Malaysia to read for us!)

Photo courtesy from Valerie Oliveiro
Photo courtesy from Valerie Oliveiro

Sarah and I took the stage like we do during the Nanowrimo Kick-off, so things were kept very casual. This, compared to the book launches I’ve appeared at in the past, was definitely a reflection of how much we have journeyed in our writing journeys. I couldn’t be more grateful to the people who have supported me with my writing, and it was especially heart-warming when one of the questions asked was whether we intend to sell Escape in Malaysia.

(Note: I really wish we could, but we’ll have to work out price and distributors first!)

Regardless, you can get the books from either myself (, Sarah Coldheart, or for the remainder of the Singapore Writers Festival, at the bookstore (SGD20). We’re working with local distributors as well so we’ll update you guys too!

Fast Forward a Few Days

I came to the soundcheck of the MAP Showcase 2014/15 with a splitting headache, which subsided slightly when it was time for one last rehearsal. Ken was incredibly patient with us, understanding the nerves and giving useful pointers where it was needed.

I loved how all the mentees took everything in their stride and did everything they could to help each other.

Photo courtesy of Max Loh.
Photo courtesy of Max Loh.

There were bundles of nerves as each of us went up to do our readings, but we managed to go through with it rather well. Many thanks to Ken, Chris, and Savinder for putting this event together for us. Also, I am incredibly grateful for the full house we got that night – without all your support, we wouldn’t have gone this far.

The Mentor Access Project (MAP) will be open for new candidates again in 2016. The Writers’ Centre will be coordinating the programme again, so stay tuned to their Facebook for more information.

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