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Muse Moment: Alignment

Muse MomentThis month’s 365 Days of Singapore images mainly come from my current foray into InkTober. So here’s a little something I created, inspired by the inked words and the fantastical elements I’ve been putting up for the last few weeks.


Joelyn Alexandra

We chased the bats into the recesses of Lavender MRT. Gladius and Sierra kept the light at the end of their glowing staffs, and the echoes of the screeches threatening to deafen us all. Natalia was irked, her shoulders hunched at every spike in the frequency. Warric, towering over us, looked all over, confused by the direction where the abominations were coming from and going to.

The deeper we ran, the more they dispersed. Underground air sank into a heavy stench of staleness and distinct bodily fluids. Our party slowed as the screeches died down, our footsteps turning from staccato to a halt.

Our silhouettes were outlined by the white-blue glow from magic light, and the echoes subsided. Leaving our breaths as the only sound in the darkness, the air stayed stagnant for the next few seconds before turning into an inkling of a breeze.

I turned to Natalia. She squinted at the tunnel. The light streaming in from the above-ground Kallang station was close enough to outline the tracks, but still too far to help in any attempt to see.

“What do you see?” Warric growled from the front.

Natalia gasped.

Silence fell.

Bats exploded out, cascading through us in a frenzy of screeches, speeding to the light.

The ground rumbled, and I felt its source.

“What do you see?” Warric repeated.

“Get your weapons out,” I said.

The tunnel roared. I aimed.


I don’t have this put up just yet, but this seems to be something I might be working on for fun.

Until then, thank you for reading and I’ll see you next post!

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