Updates [September 2015]

Featured Posts

September has brought a lot of emotion, but a lot of gifts as well. With STGCC and the last quarter of the year coming, our to-do lists for 2015 seem to be catching up with us.

So these are my favourite posts for this month:

Writer-y Endeavours

This month seem to really take off writer-y wise, especially with all the events happening. While I’ve written my short story for a project I’m doing for December, I managed to write a quick short, inspired by the issues and arguments brought up during the General Elections. At the same time, I’ve managed to read a great collection of stories by my friend, Wayne Ree and his friend, Anna AB.

Coming Up Soon!

  • A sneak peek into what Sarah and I will be launching during the Singapore Writer’s Festival
  • More sneak peeks into something I’ll be doing in December too
  • More board games and book reviews to come!
  • Prep for the National Novel Writing Month
  • And more posts!!!

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