Signal Boost

Signal Boost: September 2015

Signal BoostUsually, my posts under Signal Boost features events and submissions happening over the course of the month. However, with the Singapore Toys, Games, & Comics Convention around the corner, and the Singapore Chapter of the 24 Hour Comics Day soon after, I thought I’d make this month’s Signal Booth a bit special.

Global Beards & STGCC

One has humour in his genes, and the other’s just créezy. Both of them are selling comics and short stories at their artist alley stall at the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention.

Often, I go to STGCC for the great variety found in the independent artist alley, where locals and regional artists alike come together and put out stuff they have created. Wayne Rée and Gene Whitlock form Global Beards, and will be selling their…

  • Full-coloured adventure comic The Yellow Princess (Part 1!!)
  • Pitches, Gene’s collection of art
  • Prompt, a collaborative collection of short stories by Wayne and his friend, Anna (ONLY 55 COPIES)

To find out more about them and their shenanigans, click here.

24 Hour Comics Day

As per tradition, the 24-Hour Comics Day, where comic artists and writers challenge themselves into making 24 pages of comics in 24 hours, will be held on the first Saturday of October. While it starts on 3rd October for this year, registration is still ongoing!

So if you have a side project which is just waiting to be finished, or would like to challenge yourself into doing something you’ve always wanted to do, find out more here. (P/S – JF, the guy who organises this, is super awesome.)

Note – To all Singaporeans, remember to vote on the 11th of September!

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