Updates [August 2015]

Featured Posts

This month feels like it went past before I had the chance to finish my laundry list of stuff. However, it has been one of my most productive months yet! The Cameron Highland posts are finally up and I’m really happy to have been able to relive the awesome parts of the trip again.

That being said, these are my favourite posts for August:

Writer-y Endeavours

The proper rewrites and major edits are coming at full speed since our Mentor Access Project is coming to an end. At the same time, I started a 365 Days of Singapore side project, to take a single photograph of something Singaporean on my Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr every day for a year. And as a bonus, I will be writing a flash or short fiction piece on Muse Moment here. I’m also working on a few indie projects, and I hope I’ll be able to announce it soon.

Everything is moving a bit slower now with so many things happening at the same time. But Escape from Reality is moving along, and we should be able to make a few announcements soon.

So until then, hope you enjoy my reviews and short fiction:

Another side note: I have moved my Portfolio Site for my writing to Tablo, so I hope you’ll enjoy my fiction there!

Coming Up Soon!

  • Long overdue post on “The Deep”!
  • MAP Graduation
  • Birthday month!
  • More posts on writing, museums, and board games

And I will see you in September.

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