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Muse Moment: Body Five

Muse MomentI find myself on a Muse Moment schedule my first week into my 365 Days of Singapore project. For those who haven’t read my post on what I will be doing on my Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and main site as an SG50 present, click here.

This Muse Moment story for 365 Days is inspired by my constant visits to the public libraries, I hope you all enjoy it.


Body Five
Joelyn Alexandra

Nothing stirred.

Since they upped the campus body count to four in a span of five days, security was strict. I managed to slip into the library by the skin of my teeth, requesting a list of books from the Reference section, approved by Professor Lau.

I knew our library was quiet. This was eerie. I wasn’t complaining.

The digital clock at the library entrance read 14:03. And the librarian, once stern and piercing, refused to meet my eye. I ignored him and strolled to the psychology shelves.

The four bodies were reported to be found in pairs, all found around the fronts of the dorms or thrown onto public rubbish piles. All four had their student cards pierced into their chest. All four were killed with their twins.

Campus security warned all of us to stay in our dorms, and reduced physical class time until the case was solved. No such luck with the CID. And no such luck in getting the library to myself today.

“I wasn’t expecting anyone,” he said.

“Neither was I,” I said. He put his feet on the ground and closed the copy of Criminal Psychology and Profilers he was reading. I eyed it.

“You can have it if you want, I’m done,” he said, “I was just cramming what I could before returning it later.”


I shuffled past.

“So,” he said, “I thought people were terrified of a psychopath killing students.”

“I have a paper in two weeks,” I said, opening the hardback, “Besides, the killer has a type. So I’m safe.”

“A type?”

“Each of the twins was found in the open with their student cards half-buried in their chest,” I said, “Killers cover up. Serial killers leave signatures.”

He hovered as I flipped pages.

“This book is really good,” he said, “It talks about what to look out for in profiling, and even points out details which many investigators miss out. Do you know you can weed out serial killers by just observing the correct mannerisms? Of course, it still chalks up to experience, but…”

“Yeah, it’s a good book, thanks.”

A receipt-like slip fluttered out after my next flip. He and I dove. Catching it first, I looked. A stray borrowing slip found in a library book is a gateway to psyche and personality, an unmarked treasure, if one wills. His hand stayed outstretched. I brushed it aside.

My eyes scanned the scrap, widening with each book title borrowed.

  1. Human Anatomy and Biology … Due Date: 15 July
  2. Annotated Research on Identical Twins … Due Date: 15 July
  3. Criminal Psychology and Profilers … Due Date: 15 July

His hand was still outstretched when I looked up, though his smile had turned into a snarl.

“I wished you didn’t see that,” he said. His fingers gripped around something glinting in his pocket.

I bolted.

I was not going to be Body Five.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the read! You can read this story again and more of my other works at or just click here.

Thanks for reading!

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