Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind

Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind: My Gift for SG50

Eternal SightsWith this red dot of a logo pasted on practically everything that could have things legally pasted on in Singapore, it is difficult to ignore the celebration of this nation’s jubilee.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been through rough patches with this country, but I would admit this is not a bad place to live in. We all could still do better as individuals and the country could still do better in many areas, but isn’t that always the case with life?

Therefore, in honour of SG50, my gift to you, Singapore, is my promise to consume, purchase, indulge in, or participate in at least one Singaporean event, product, location, service, and what-not for the next 365 days.

And all that by following these rules:

  • 1 photograph and short write-up a day (on Tumblr & Instagram)
  • 1 story inspired by these experiences on my Main Site (here) during that month’s Muse Moments
  • The photograph and story I feature has to feature Singaporean products, services, locations, or events
  • Local franchises of multi-national corporations don’t count
  • Products made by Singaporeans based overseas count

So there you have it! The clock starts at the stroke of midnight heading to 9th August 2015 and ends 365 days later. Stay tuned to my Instagram, Tumblr, and here to come on this journey with me.


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