Updates [July 2015]

Featured Posts

It’s the end of July and it still feels like I have yet to get over the travel fatigue induced by our trip to Cameron Highlands. A highly stimulating and enjoyable trip, but the return to the fast pace of the city might have done a number on my physical state.

Regardless, July has been a productively eventful month and I am very excited to present my favourite posts:

Writer-y Endeavours

Am very happy to have made two submissions this month and am a good way through my third. My manuscript for MAP is reaching the finishing line in terms of Official Draft One, and Escape from Reality is going through its close-to-final review before the official Table of Contents will be announced.

So until any official announcements can be made, enjoy the following posts instead!

Coming Up Soon!

  • A talk about Crime in Singapore
  • SG50 Celebrations and a new project to come!
  • The last running stretch of MAP
  • Escape from Reality’s Table of Contents
  • Posts about our trip to Cameron Highlands
  • Hopefully, the next part of our Dungeons & Dragons adventures
  • More writing and project madness!

And with that, I will see you in August!

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