Decode: Adventure

Decode: Adventure: Cameron Highlands 2015

Decode AdventureTea, Strawberries, and Cold Weather.

Those were my impressions when the Tiger and his best friend said we were going to Cameron Highlands for a short holiday. While I admit them to still be true, our recent trip to both there and Ipoh before was a trip to remember.

However, with so much happening (about slightly more than half of it mundane), highlighting the main events of our trip in various focusses will give a better picture. Like how I did so with my Penang trip (Tag: penang adventure 2014), I will be looking at Food, Museums, and our other adventures.

Adventure posts:

These hills await you in the coming posts...
These hills await you in the coming posts…

To follow any other post related to our Cameron Highlands trip, stay tuned for the updated posts or search for the tag: cameron highlands adventure 2015. Thanks for reading!

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