Updates [June 2015]

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And with that, the first half of 2015 is done and tucked behind all of us. The first half of 2015 was eventful, to say the least. The Tiger and I have often joked about how the first half of the year is when the lulls happen and it’s the time where we have to do what we can so the second half doesn’t punch us in the face. Now, everything’s just happening all the time. Not that that’s a complaint though.

This month sees Crime Reading Month (and all my Crime-Fic Friday Reads on Instagram) and also sees a post I am very happy with – the first opinion piece I have written in a very long time:

Writer-y Endeavours

The end of May going into June was probably the most literary for me in terms of events. Post-MAP Peer-to-Peer Review, the Asian Festival of Children’s Content, and the Comic Art Festival, Kuala Lumpur happened the next weekend.

Escape from Reality is coming along with the last dredges of the first round of edits, so hopefully we’ll have the Table of Contents out soon. My MAP Novel is trudging along. I only have two months left now so the last three chapters that need reworking will be reworked like mad.

Coming Up Soon!

  • Comic Face Off!
  • Our final two MAP workshops
  • More writing and project madness!
  • I will also be going for a short break at a hill resort in Malaysia, so there probably will be another travel post!

With that, I will see you in July!

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