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Blanket Fortress Play: Smash Up!

Blanket Fort PlaysThis is one game which took the Tiger by storm, through a whirlwind, and into the eye of the storm of obsession. And by effect, both he and I have been playing this game for a while – since he got his starter set all the way to the Big Geeky Box.

Inside the Box

In the starter set, there are eight (8) base decks and their accompanying bases. The box is straightforward, including:

  • Smash Up Bases
  • Smash Up Factions
    • Pirates
    • Robots
    • Aliens
    • Ninjas
    • Dinosaurs
    • Zombies
    • Tricksters
    • Wizards
  • Cleverly-designed tray base to store your decks and the many expansion decks to come!

Other expansions included the Double Sci-Fi Expansion (Spies, Shapeshifters, Battle Apes, Time Travellers), the Awesome 9000 Expansion (Ghosts, Bear Calvary, Steampunk, Killer Plants), the Monster deck (Mad Scientists, Vampires, Werewolves, Giant Ants), the Obligatory Cthulhu Expansion (Cultists, Innsmouth Residents, Miskatonic University, Elder Beings), the Pretty Pretty Princess Expansion (Princesses, Fairies, Mythical Horses, Cats), and the exclusive Geek Deck which comes with the Big Geeky Box.


The box for the Starter Set
The box for the Starter Set

Setup for each player is simple, you rotate clockwise, then anti-clockwise, each choosing two different factions and smashing them together to form your player’s deck. Then, lay out as many bases as there are players, and add one more.

During their turn, players can only play one minion and one action unless otherwise stated on the cards. If the cards and the rulebook are in conflict, the cards override everything.

Use your minions and actions to destroy as many bases as you can, score victory points, and the first player to reach 15 Victory Points wins!

The Game We Played

One of the first few games we played.
One of the first few games we played.

The Tiger and myself have played countless rounds of Smash Up, not counting the ones we have played with friends and family. Instead, I shall give a few pointers on some of the classes we have played with and the advantages they have.

For the tankers and the heavy-hitters (a.k.a. high on offense and attack), decks like the Dinosaur  and Fighter Ape will suit your style. The dinosaurs have cards with high power points  (their highest point for attack is 7, as compared to the average 5), which deadly combos. The apes accumulate attack points with complimenting actions which will allow players to add attack points to each minion.

People who are fans of zerging will appreciate decks like Zombies, Robots, Innsmouth Residents, and Killer Plants. Their cards provide the environment to do constant swarm, play extra minions, or respawn within one turn. Their attack may not be as high, but their numbers in one game can potentially accumulate.

Point vultures, or in a more fundamental term, the kill stealers, will probably like decks like the Ninja and the Spy. Apart from having cards which can be played out of turn to gain last minute points at a scoring base, these decks have action cards which will allow you to make use of another player’s minions as their own.

This category is possibly my favourite – the movers. In Smash Up, destroyed bases also means destroyed minions. So you have to either spread your arsenal around, or find minions who can move around (themselves or other minions) with ease. Great decks under this category include Pirates, Bear Cavalry, and Steampunk.


Gameplay Winners: He won, usually. LOL.

The great thing about Smash Up is how you can technically start playing with any one of their expansion packs (You need four decks for a two player game), with any smash up of any available factions. This gives great replayability, as players can explore the strengths and combinations of different classes.

Alderac’s constant churning of Smash Up expansions means that you will never get bored of the game for the foreseeable future. Find out more about the game here. (Note: Their latest expansions, Munchkin and It’s Your Fault!, comes out August 2015 and Spring 2016 respectively)

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