Joelyn's Museum Escapades

Museum Escapades: Haikus and River Safari

Museum EscapadesWhile zoological or botanical gardens may not “qualify” to the typical definition of a “museum”, one can also argue that zoos and gardens are living museums – a place to educate, study, and develop action among people. Regardless, the Tiger and I had a fun day out at the River Safari, especially when he brought his watercolours out.

And as he drew on the go, I took pics, and made up these haikus to talk about the highlights of that trip. I thought they would be a good way to portray what I was feeling at that time, and perhaps give this museum review a little twist.



Effects of the Artist’s Mind

Marbling water with
Palettes and ink, strokes combined,
Set in cream paper.


Rising Sunset

You stare in wonder,
Yet know not of my story,
Or my sunset flights.



They wave and holler,
Not realising they are there
for me to watch them.


Panda Munchies

Majestic, they call
But I just want to eat while
They snap photographs.


In Conversation with Pink (for Reimena Yee)

We had tea with the
Flamingos over the fence
During our boat ride.


Spirit Animals

My mermaid looks at
Their munches, faceplants, and
Nods in approval.

River Safari Rivers

Life Force

Converge, Meander;
They all move, transport, give life;
Educate, Reach, Flow.


People may come here to view the Pandas, but my heart will always be with the Manatees here. You can also catch a glimpse of what the Tiger drew here as well.

To visit / find out more about the River Safari, click here.  

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