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Marbled Brownies

Some would remember these speckled cubes – I brought them to a panel at AFCC 2015 and served them at CAFKL 2015.

Apart from the brownie mix I used for the Tiger and my first relationship anniversary thingum, I have not gotten any success with ‘from-scratch’ recipes. Therefore, I was very happy that my marbled brownies turned out as delicious as they did.

I tweaked a recipe from BBC Good Food, and decided to serve this traybake cut into cubes. Thus far, feedback had been consistent with – caramelized on the outside, chewy on the inside, good balance of chocolate and sweetness, and plain goodness. I’m happy.

It also gave me a lot of joy when people came back for more (or asked that I returned to them with either the same baked good or something as good as this), but what satisfied me the most was what I took back from this experimentation.

With brownies, proportion is everything, and it depends on how you like your brownies. It is not the most straightforward thing to make because everybody has a different preference to how they would like their brownies to be. At this point, my take is, if you would like a fudgier brownie, go with a higher proportion of chocolate (and butter to match). Likewise, a cakier brownie has a lower concentration of chocolate and the eggs are beaten to a fluffier consistency.

For this recipe, I reduced the chocolates and butter by 50g each, while beating the eggs until they pale before adding the sugar.

Marble cake is a dessert I will always enjoy. Having a successful batch of marbled brownies takes me that much closer to finally making the best marble cake I can make (And eat. /throws head back and laughs)

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