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Book Bites: MAP 2014/2015 Peer-to-Peer Review

Book BitseIt is not a secret that I get really excited about my Mentor Access Project sessions and this was not an exception. This time, it involved us presenting our projects, progress, and professional presentation skills. Chris Mooney-Singh, founder of The Writers Centre, Singapore, was there with Savinder, our usual liaison, and two other ladies from the National Arts Council.

The presentations went okay. While everyone else did great, I was kicking myself for missing out a few points. That feeling, however, went away the moment all the presentations were done and the general discussion of “what’s next” for us happened. The excitement of the coming plans for us mentees cancelled out any nerves quickly.

It was good to get back with the group, especially now that the end of the Mentor Access Project is looming – a.k.a. when we have to ‘turn in’ our assignments. It would also be good if we meet up separately for critiques, cross-reading, and maybe storytelling games (DREAD and FIASCO!!!), but those plans will probably materialize later.

Having journeyed with my fellow mentees and mentor, Dave, for more than half a year, I’d say that filling up the form and putting the digital submission package for MAP2014/5 was one of the best decisions I have made thus far. Not only has Dave provided a good eye on aspects of my work, the peers and friends I made have boosted my confidence, as I hope to have boosted theirs.

At the end of it, we did come out with a couple more workshops to look forward to, and the formation of an MAP alumnus to be involved in the Singapore Writers’ Festival this year.

That being said, it’s going to be a busy rest of the year, so time for me to gear up and push on!

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