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Signal Boost: Comic Art Festival, Kuala Lumpur and a Bonus!

Signal BoostAs many comic fans around this region of Asia would know, the Comic Art Festival, Kuala Lumpur will be happening this weekend! So if you have not planned your trip there yet, I hope there’re still spaces on the coaches and hotels for you.

This year, I’ll still be helping out at Max’s booth, but I’ll also be heading down with friends – Val and Weiman. Regardless, do come down and join us for some comic art fun.

Event: Comic Art Festival, Kuala Lumpur
DWC Convention Centre, Level 4, Menara PGRM
Dates & Time:
6th & 7th June 2015, 10AM to 6PM
Booths to Watch Out For: A1
(Lalage a.k.a. Hwei the Awesome), A2 (milk tea & monsters a.k.a. Fenix the Amazing), A3 (Paper Peril a.k.a. Max the Lovely), A16 (Sonny Liew the Great), B5 (Stephani Soejono the Fantastic), and B19 (Fat Fairy a.k.a. the totally Hilarious Collective) among many others.

And remember, it’s #cafkl if you’re there!


At the same time, Sarah and I have been invited to speak / answer questions about online creator platforms at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content. If you already have your ticket to AFCC 2015, catch us and a few other friends as we talk about NaNoWriMo, 24 Hour Comics Day, 52-Week Illustration Challenge, and the 12×12 Picture Book Challenge.

Event: AFCC 2015, Writers & Illustrators Conference – Unleash Your Potential with Online Platforms
Location: L16, The Pod, National Library Building
Date & Time: 5th June 2015, 4:30 – 5:30PM

See you there!

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