Updates [May 2015]

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I believe we are at that time of the year where you lift your head from the table of never-ending tasks and projects and it’s already the end of the month. While it was definitely like so in April, it’s all the more like so in May. Been working like mad on my MAP Novel and the many edits for ‘Escape from Reality’, to the point where my only event this month will only have its post after this month’s update.

Regardless, my favourite posts for the month include:

Writer-y Endeavours

As I’ve said before, May was a month of labouring behind the scenes, including all my writer-y projects. After having sent a flash fiction piece for an open call and preparing for my upcoming Peer-to-Peer MAP Review, Sarah and I are excited to work with the shortlisted authors contributing to ‘Escape from Reality’.

We are at the last dredges of the first round of edits, so please bear with us while we attempt to send out the complete edits by the end of this week.

For those who want to get a quick glimpse of what to expect with ‘Escape from Reality’, you can take a look at the shortlist here.

Coming Up Soon!

  • Comic Art Festival, Kuala Lumpur!
  • More MAP and ‘Escape from Reality’ madness
  • Reworking and progress of many writer-y things
  • …and getting as much as I can done before August comes!

With that, I will see you in June!

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