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Blanket Fortress Play: International Tabletop Day

Blanket Fort PlaysI was very close to calling this year’s International Tabletop Day, Let’s Play Antoine Bauza Games Like Crazy Day. Had I brought Takenoko instead of Zombie Dice and Elder Sign to our gathering, it might have become just that.

This year’s crew included myself, the Tiger, Val, Weiman, and a few newfound players at a Singapore Boardgames gathering in one of our Community Centres. Combining our games with the common pool, the Tiger and I managed to play a total of nine (9) board games this year, so here are some awesome moments from each game:


To kick things off...
To kick things off…

Weiman’s first attempt at playing Gloom was met with a whole lot of laughs. While we hacked away at our own family members and made everyone else get married (there were A LOT of weddings in this game), first game of the day went to Val.

Zombie Dice

This round was hilarious because many of us got to a great start, only to get shot out three times in single throws during the first round. Consecutively. The rolls got increasingly more cautious and eventually went to the Tiger.


We played two games of Fluxx after seeing Weiman win the first game with her first Keeper card. The second game was longer, with the Tiger and Val changing rules and goals as quickly as they can. In the end, the second game of Fluxx went to no one because we wanted to play Elder Sign before lunch.

Elder Sign

On the verge of insanity...
On the verge of insanity…

We started with ATROCIOUS rolls. We were trying to stop an Elder God with a Doom Track of 10 and an Elder Sign requirement of 12. By the time the Doom Track read 8, we were only at 3 Elder Signs and were almost on the verge of giving up because we were hungry. It was a total phoenix moment when we started getting awesome rooms which rewarded a whole lot of Elder Signs and resulted in a Team Win.

Smash Up

We played Smash Up right after our pizza lunch, which really made us happy that we got to fulfill the “cliché” of Pizza and Games. It was Val’s first play and she held her own very well with her Ninja-Dino deck, trumped the Tiger’s Zombie-Plants (Ehehehe) deck, Weiman’s Steampunk-Ghost deck, and my Pirate-Bear Calvary deck.

King of Tokyo

After a full lunch and a bit of a break watching other people play the first round of Dead of Winter, the Tiger and I (Weiman and Val had to go off) landed ourselves with another random group of players with King of Tokyo (5-player game). One of our power punchers, Irene, won both games with Cyber Bunny. (Yes, she punched everyone so much, everyone wanted to go into Tokyo with her to avoid damage)


Down the East Ocean Route...
Down the East Ocean Route…

We decided to slow the pace with a game of Tokaido, one of the boardgames I wanted to play since I watched it on Tabletop. The Tiger loved the artwork and it was a relaxing change of pace, especially when you had cute characters and so many choices to make while travelling from Kyoto to Edo. Irene won this game as well.


Yeap, back-facing
Yeap, back-facing

We continued the Bauza chain (it would have been a total Bauza chain if we played the Takenoko in the common pool) with cooperative game Hanabi, where I realised how uncomfortable I can get if I don’t know what my cards are. There’s no technical win stage for this game, but we managed to score 20 out of the 25 maximum points, that’s a great display of fireworks, if you’d ask me!


One of the most interesting games I've played so far this year
One of the most interesting games I’ve played so far this year

If you are a fan of Dominion and Scrabble, this is a pretty cool game. Essentially a deck-building game, you’re building your deck to form words which will give you enough currency to buy better letters or letter combinations. Like Dominion, you Act (form words with the letters in your hand), Buy (each letter has a value), and Clean-up. The winner of this game made the word ‘Marzipan’ in the funniest way possible – Raj.

So yes, that was an incredibly long post, like it was an incredibly long list of games for the day. Regardless, we all had fun, and I was both happy and thankful that we got to play so many games (regular or new). Onwards to the next International Tabletop Day!

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4 thoughts on “Blanket Fortress Play: International Tabletop Day

  1. What I forgot to mention is… Paperback has rules for co-op mode as well. It’s you and your friends versus the pyramid of death!

    Anyway, it was very nice to meet you folks. Hope to encounter you again at a game table.

    …Regards from the humble rules explainer of Hanabi and Paperback.

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