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Museum Escapades: The Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Museum EscapadesIt has been a while since I went to either a museum or an exhibition. So, when Val invited me to head to the Affordable Art Fair with her, I was ready to give it a shot.

Browsing, browsing...
Browsing, browsing…

Spanning two storeys of the F1 Building, the Affordable Art Fair doubles as a fine art exhibition or convention and an art fair where you could buy certain pieces of art for relatively affordable prices. 74  galleries from places like Singapore, Japan, The Netherlands, and the United States, among many others were exhibiting. And unlike a usual Art Gallery where you are left in silence most of the time, there were representatives in every booth explaining and introducing artists to you.

Of the many pieces we saw, these were the few artists who caught my eye…

Sophie Derrick, under Degree Art Gallery, United Kingdom

Lady really likes the broad, colourful strokes!
Lady really likes the broad, colourful strokes!

The first collection I saw upon entering the art fair, Derrick’s colours already stood out, only to be enhanced with the bold strokes and distinct textures from the paints. Zooming in to her models, her moves complementing each expression, punching the piece from concept to canvas to viewer. Find out more about her art here.

Rone, under Otomys, Singapore

With piercing glares...
With piercing glares…

The works of this mural artist from Melbourne caught my eye with his model’s fierce expressions and the interesting use of mixed media to bring out the mood of the piece. Both his pieces could pierce with a glare, each piece carrying the soul of the expression. Commissioned to paint murals all over the world, Rone is due to visit Singapore sometime soon. Find out more about his art here.

Shay Peled, under Tzuki Art, Israel

The music from his heart.
The music from his heart.

What attracted me to Tzuki’s works was the friendliness and brightness of it all. Each installation piece is painted with car paint for maximum colour richness and galvanized to last and to endure handling. Apart from the clever colour compositions, each piece was relatable, yet light-hearted and fun to view. I especially liked his collection of flowers and musical instruments. Find out more about Tzuki Art here.

Jordi Pinto, under Barnadas Huang, Singapore

Panel art pieces by Jordi Pinto
Panel art pieces by Jordi Pinto

I am a huge fan of rich, complementary colours and smooth shading. When I saw Pinto’s work, it reminded me of children’s picture books and fun stories to delight your kids with before they go to bed. Mixing his bird’s eye view and various fantastical elements, Pinto’s work is easy on the eye and easy to relate to. Find out more about his art here.

There were definitely way more outstanding artists than who I’ve mentioned here, these artists were just the ones which stuck in my head for the longest time after I left the fair. It was a great platform for artists, galleries, and buyers, with many representatives signing up enthusiasts for further exhibitions featuring favourite artists. The art pieces were also able to hold their own – colours or collage on canvas or aluminum, sculptures, installations, etc…

Despite having to cover so much in that limited amount of time the both of us had, Val and I were still able to find pieces we really liked and could relate to. Most of the pieces mentioned here were priced rather well too – none of the pieces we liked went over five figures, although it will be a while before either of us decides to purchase something for the moment.

This was the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore for Spring 2015. The next fair held here will happen in November (when Val and I head to Hong Kong!). To find out more about how you can go soak in the atmosphere and appreciate the art, click here.

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