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Book Bites: Comic Week @ Books Actually

Book BitseToday’s session is brought to you by the word, “Transformers!”

The Gathering of Guessers
The Gathering of Guessers

To be honest, this was a great start to the International Tabletop Day weekend. Instead of having a panel where a few artists would gather and talk about their work or their processes, Kenny and his team came up with the awesome idea of putting the artists in the spotlight with a game of Pictionary.

Val, Weiman, Raven, and I were there to support the Tiger as one of the featured artists. And thus, we became guessers among the three teams: Red Wine, Salmon Pink, Green Holly.


Red Team artists Gene and Eva getting ready for a shot.
Red Team artists Gene and Eva getting ready for a shot.

Val and Weiman got into that team together, guessing the prompts drawn by Gene, Evacomics, and Gwee. Apart from Gene’s antics, and Eva’s enthusiasm, it was hilarious to see Gwee bring the “How to play Pictionary” meme to life:

  • Draw something for people to guess.
  • Point at the same thing when people can’t guess it.
  • Point harder when they still can’t guess it.

The only difference was how Gwee introduced the foot of the drawing board to his own foot.


Troy in the middle of pictioneering.
Troy in the middle of pictioneering.

The team of guessers for Koh Hong Teng, Drewscape, and Troy Chin had to go first since the artists for the Red Wine team were not ready as yet. Regardless, they did a great job gearing everyone up and feeding the atmosphere for everyone.

This was also when the “Transformers!” catchphrase came about – Kenny would yell “Transformers!” the moment Renee announced a ‘movie’ category.

Everyone caught on.

Soon it was Kenny, Gene, the Tiger, myself, or just anyone at random yelling out “Transformers!!” whenever Renee went, “Category: Movie!”


The Tiger raising an eyebrow at his prompt
The Tiger raising an eyebrow at his prompt

Raven and I were the guessers for this team, with our artists being – the Tiger (Max Loh, hehehehe), Xiao Yan, and Lim Cheng Tju. The Tiger went through his prompts so fast, he still had half a minute left to go over the prompts he missed. Xiao Yan’s drawings were really amazing. And Cheng Tju, despite his protests of him not being able to draw, still managed to get some points in.

Especially when he drew someone with a cat and I went, “KENNY!!!”

To be frank, a lot of the prompts were harder than expected, which resulted in all the funny antics we had through the session. Execution was all over the place, but we all had fun and many people ended up buying books so the event really worked out well.

Before I end my post, however, I’d just like to raise this note: Books Actually has not only been a great avenue for writers and readers to come together, but also a home for all these creative ideas for creators from all mediums and walks of life.

Many thanks to Kenny, Renee, Angelin, and the team for putting this event together, and we look forward to many more!

The guest artists's major selfie as orchestrated by Gene. LOL.
The guest artists’s major selfie as orchestrated by Gene. LOL.

To support Books Actually and the many local writers they feature, click here.

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