Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind

Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind: Taking a Break

Eternal SightsNot taking a break from whatever I’m doing entirely, but taking a break from side posts like my uploads on Wattpad. I have not been either on time or uploading things altogether for one simple reason – I have neither idea nor time.

The year started out exciting and incredibly busy – 2 major literary projects and a few trips. Work is work, but thus far, everything has been okay at best. Despite being able to cope relatively okay, I have been feeling stretched to the point of losing both creative energy and ideas to do free writing or creating.

Therefore, I decided to trim everything down to the minimum and focus on the 2 major projects for the moment. Aside from balancing work, social life, family, writing, and other creative stuff, I’m going to suspend what I can so that I can enjoy the things I enjoy without worrying about looming deadlines or feeling guilty if I spend one weekend becoming a potato instead of churning a new story after forcing some inkling of an idea while burning the midnight oil.

That being said, I will be suspending Muse Moment until I regain time or energy for writing spurts which come close to coherent sentences (unlike this one). The rest of the sections will still see posts here and there, so you can still come in and read about the foodie, crafty, gamey, adverturey, and literary stuff that goes on.

Maybe I might sneak in a bit of Muse Moment here and there, but like I said – I really want to enjoy what I’m doing at the moment. And right now, there’s just too many self-imposed expectations, compartmentalisation, and day job fatigue to do so right now.

Thank you all for reading and see you at my next post!

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