Next-in-Reading #40: RunHideSeek

Next In ReadingTitle: RunHideSeek – The 1st Two Books of the Trilogy
Author: Gabby Tye
Year: 2013 & 2014
Publisher: Bubbly Books

What would you do when you wake up, barefoot, aching, with mud caking your jeans, and you have no idea where you are, or what your name is? When Zee woke up in the midst of a marauding pack of teenagers an children, she remembered nothing, until her old gang came back with her history – a history of being Kayla.

The RunHideSeek series is a dystopian trilogy set in future Singapore, where disease has ravaged the world, the animals and plants are all dead, and the people are running out of food. Told through the eyes of Zee/Kayla, a fifteen year old cast out of the safe camp, the story tells of her journey to find out why she was sent out in the first place. And why soldiers from the camp are after her.

Fast-paced and action-packed, Tye has managed to craft the story into a page turner with her short sentences and visual action scenes. The design of the book helps bring the reader into the scenes, the accents and paper melding perfectly into this young adult dystopian environment. I would imagine Zee/Kayla finding a book like this while on the run.

Setting the story in a middle of a group of teenagers may not be unique in young adult circles, but Tye does a good job in localizing certain aspects of Singaporeanness without going overboard. Fighting zombies with children and teenagers? Sure. Fighting zombies with children and teenagers with no hope of finding the firearms you could somehow so easily get in stories like ‘Warm Bodies’ and ‘The Hunger Games’? I have only seen another novelist presenting a setting like this – Nicholas Yong (Land of the Meat Munchers).

The only thing which gets me in this book is how it sounds better than it reads. Quick enough to get through, the novels give you a good grasp of the story within a relatively short period of time. While the story has good-enough standing, words like “Juuuust” appearing in the book can set you off a little. Despite all that, I believe this trilogy will make an entertaining podcast series.

A great read if you would like something entertaining and relatively quick to get through, the RunHideSeek trilogy is by Gabby Tye, and published by Bubbly Books. Seek is due to be out this year, so you can find out more about the trilogy here.

And I’ll see you next week!

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