Update [March 2015]

Featured Posts

The end of this quarter brought about a mixed bag of feelings – excitement, competition, busy-ness, national grief – and as a result, blog posts here were nothing more than the scheduled sections. Regardless, these were my favourite posts for this month:

Writer-y Endeavours

Again, it’s just a lot of churning and reworking so that my WIP can move along. Despite that, I am still very happy with my short story, “Junk Mail” appearing in Junoesq, a women’s literary journal in Singapore. Regardless, I am still grateful for my following posts:

Hopefully, I would be able to attend more literary events next month. Reworking has made its way past the halfway mark so I hope April will mean I can go into a good amount of polishing until August comes knocking.

Coming up soon!

  • International Tabletop Day – 11th April (It has been announced!)
  • The shortlist for “Escape from Reality” and hopefully other things
  • More Mentor Access Project reworking and progress!
  • More uploads on Wattpad
  • …at the moment, it’s going to be me getting as much as I can done.

Hopefully, the next month will free up. And I will see you in April!

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