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Blanket Fortress Play: March Games

Blanket Fort PlaysMarch was a pretty good month board-games-wise, mostly because the Tiger managed to band the group in for two separate game nights. Set in Settlers’ Café, we managed to play through the following games:

  • King of Tokyo
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Citadels
  • Dominion & Dominion: Intrigue
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Avalon
  • Smash Up


Laminated card backs of Dominion
Laminated card backs of Dominion

And since there were so many games those two times, I’ve decided to focus on the one which sent the Tiger into a huge frenzy – Dominion.

Inside the Box

Being a deck-building game, the box only contained the rulebook and the cards needed. The cards were stacked by type, sitting neatly and organised in their dividers.


Setting up the stacks
Setting up the stacks

Though it’s fairly simple, the setup of the game takes longer to do than it is to explain how the game works. After placing the greenbacks (victory points) and currency aside, each player gets:

  • 7 “Bronze” (1 Currency value) cards
  • 3 Victory point cards

The players then decide which 10 stacks of town area cards to play for that particular round. Each area can either get you extra action, extra buys, extra gold, upgrades, victory points, or point sabotages.

The game ends when all 6 Victory point cards are exhausted, or if any 3 other card decks in the game have been exhausted.

The winner is the player with the highest amount of victory points.

The Game We Played

It takes a village...
It takes a village…

It was a game between Ben, Val, the Tiger, and myself.

We played two rounds, the first with just the base pack and the second with a few swaps with Dominion: Intrigue. Instead of earning victory points via the point stacks, which are pretty useless in the Dominion “Buy” phases, there were locations which now served to give actions and count as victory points as well. Needless to say, Val and I went for those cards quickly.

Halfway through the game, the Tiger started to mistakenly call Ben, “Bryan”, which later evolved into an inside joke that “Bryan” was Ben’s evil gamer side. That joke sticks until now.

Apart from strategy and deck-building, Dominion is an extremely straightforward game to play. Each player just followed the ABC action:

  • Action – to play any town area and therefore, the actions on the card
  • Buy – to buy areas which will boost your actions or buys, gold to boost your currency, or points
  • Clean-up – to discard all your cards and draw up to 5 to run through your deck

Dominion is published by Rio Grande games. To find out more about the game, click here.

Gameplay Winners: Ben/”Bryan” & Me


Apart from Dominion (and the summoning of “Bryan”), we also had a good amount of fun with the other games we played through this month. These were just some of the highlights:

  • King of Tokyo Gameplay Winners
    • Weiman – the Pacifist Kraken who didn’t even enter Tokyo
    • Me – who got 20 points after being punched 6x by “Bryan” the previous game
    • The Tiger – who wanted to get the ‘Baymax’ heal power card but got it snatched by “Bryan”
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill Gameplay Winners
    • Loyalists win (Ben, the Tiger, Weiman) – Inspiring Ben’s pixel art here.
    • Traitor win (Ben) – the perpetual nightmare Haunt
  • Smash Up
    • The Tiger – with his deadly combination of Zombie Robots (???) or either Zombies or Robots
    • Me – with Davy Jones’s crew (Zombie Pirates) and Pirate Dinosaurs. The latter win is a bit more satisfying because it actually proved that Zombie Robots can be beaten. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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