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Muse Moment #6: Character Profile – Zachary Thomas

Muse MomentThis week features another Biography of another protagonist in my Mentor Access Project. Like always, thank you for reading and hope you all enjoy it!


Zachary Thomas is a protagonist of the Brotherhood trilogy. He was born an orphan in the Area 65 Quarantine, and has lived most of his life running for supplies and stealing offcuts for the children and sickly from Block R. While he managed to get by with Quarantine school and remain relatively healthy, he failed National Selection once, resulting in his face tattoo due to his origin from the Quarantine.

After spotting Aeris more than once, and saving her from Dragan Tan’s bullying antics, he notices her motivation to help the disadvantaged and the weak. As such, he asks her to sneak into National Selection with her, where they almost get caught and she ends up witnessing a crime. Knowing that the two of them have nowhere else to run, Zach must turn to his last avenue of help to save them both, even if that meant taking Aeris away from her family.

Zach constantly relies on Aeris as a strategist. While he is a good fighter, he has a tendency to go into things without thinking about the consequences. He is focussed on the end, but has problems coming to terms with the gravity of the means, preferring to just get on with it. Most of the time, his emotions for Aeris are what motivates him to fight, despite knowing that he will be separated from her sooner or later.

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