Signal Boost

Signal Boost: Featured in Junoesq! and other things

Signal Boost

I actually got the news of the feature for a week, but somehow managed to put it aside until now. Regardless, I’m still quite excited and am very happy to share that my short story, “Junk Mail”, has been featured in the latest issue of Junoesq Literary Journal! Many thanks to the editorial team of Junoesq and if you would like to read my story, together with a whole list of other pieces, click here.

Apart from my story, do check out other stories by some of my friends as well:

  • Agnes Chew – Between Us, An Infinite Distance

Combining the notions of love and math, Agnes’s flash fiction piece (also in the latest issue of Junoesq) will hit you with emotion and longing in between your eyes. To read her story, click here.

  • JY Yang – Campbell Eligibility Award

One of my friends who writes amazing speculative fiction is eligible for Best New Writer for the John Campbell Awards this year! Her list of published works is too long for me to mention completely here, so I’m just going to give you this link to her works. Two of them have been awarded best stories 2014 for Clarkesworld and Strange Horizons, so do give them a read!

Update: This just in – I’ve gotten news that KL Noir: Blue, an anthology of crime & mystery short stories in KL, Malaysia, has entered its 4th Printing! With my contribution, “Unwanted Utopia II” in there, I am both grateful and excited. Many thanks and congratulations to Buku Fixi and Eeleen Lee for such a great outcome!

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