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Blanket Fortress Play: Lunar New Year Games (with a Sneak)

Blanket Fort PlaysMy cousin Jezel often has her birthday close to our Lunar New Years. Last year, I got her Get Bit! as a birthday present and we played it over the Lunar New Year just so she knows how it works. This year, I got her a game more suited to something she’s interested in – Sushi Go!

BMO's ready!
BMO’s ready!

Inside the Box

Being the quick, casual game that it is, Sushi Go! comes in a tin and the full deck of Sushi Go! cards and the rule book.


Like the inside of the box, the setup is quite straightforward as well. With the deck of cards in the middle, each player is dealt the amount of cards according to the number of players playing in the game:

  • A 2-Player game gives each player 10 cards
  • A 3-Player game gives each player 9 cards
  • A 4-Player game gives each player 8 cards
  • A 5-Player game gives each player 7 cards

Thus far, we have only played up until four players, so I’m going to base my experience on that.

The Game We Played

I played three games with my Aunts Jac & Fiona, and my cousin Jezel. Jezel and I have this thing going on where every game I have bought her seems to always result in her winning the first game we play after opening it. Therefore, I was about to dive in and see.

While playing...
While playing…
My (almost) winning hand at the last round! (Lost this round by 3 points)
My (almost) winning hand at the last round! (Lost this round by 3 points)

This game is a little different, where you scored with the cards you put on the table, or “discard” from your current hand, before you pass the rest of your hand to the person next to you. The cycle starts again until there are no more cards to take.

Sushi Go! is played with three rounds, with the scoring of each card stated at the bottom of the card. Some of them get really tricky (ARGH PUDDINGS!!!) and some required building sets so count your cards! Each count is then counted up and brought forward to the next round.

For people who like a quick game with a twist, Sushi Go! presents a fun, laughter-filled environment for family and friends. Simple to pick up, Sushi-Go! was created by Phil Walker-Harding and published by Gamewright. You can find out more about the game here.

Gameplay Winners: Jezel & Aunt Jac


Wheee! I didn't really like that I was Mirt the Moneylender but oh well.
Wheee! I didn’t really like that I was Mirt the Moneylender but oh well.

Many thanks to Ben (Creator of Char Siew Space) and his iPad version of The Lords of Waterdeep! The Tiger and I had a lot of fun!

Gameplay Winner: Me =)

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