Muse Moment

Muse Moment #4: Full Circle

Muse Moment

They think, they wander, herding
To higher ground, safe.

They listen, but stray,
Their energy explosive,
Branch to branch, upbeat.

Observing, they shake
Their heads. Perfection is their
One, crowing option.

The loyalists bark,
More concerned with keeping faith
Through moody settings.

They set out to help –
Perfect companions – though snouts
Point to finer things.

Ever so curious,
They scurry to find out more,
Resourceful, clever.

Despite the shortcuts,
They push on through, bull-headed,
Getting the job done.

Courageous stripes speed
Past ambitions, achievements
Reached, ready to pounce.

The compassionate,
The gentle, the sincere wait
In patients warrens.

In the grand palace
Sits the majesty, leading
In charming aura.

Slithering dangerously,

Going round the globe,
Independently bringing
The galloping end.

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