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Bakes and Bites: Pizza!

Applejack approves this huge pizza.
Applejack approves of this huge pizza.

Since my mother bought her non-stick pizza pan at a sale, she had been trying to find an excuse to put it to use. With the Tiger over during the weekend, we drew some inspiration from Laura Vitale and made the pizza crust from scratch.

The recipe we used can be found here. However, we modified the amount of water, since anything more than 1 cup of tepid water with the yeast was too wet for us. Toppings-wise, we piled on tomato sauce (puree, garlic, basil, oregano, maggi ketchup), brown mushrooms, red bell peppers and onions, apple baked ham, and smoked cheddar with Danish mozzarella.

The result? Crispy crust despite all the moisture retained in the topping. A dusting of semolina or cornmeal in the pan might bring everything to the next level, so we shall see.

P/S – Go check out Laura Vitale’s recipes too. They are incredibly straightforward and easy to make.

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