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Blanket Fortress Play: New Year’s Games

Blanket Fort PlaysA brand new year for gaming, and I felt that the first game I bought this year will make a good start to this new segment.

First game purchase of the year!
First game purchase of the year!


Fictionally created in the Land of Ooo, Adventure Time fans will know Card Wars to be Finn and Jake’s equivalent of Magic: The Gathering. While we (Sarah, the Tiger, and I) were out on one of our adventure weekends, we chanced upon this game at a new Absolute Comics in Plaza Singapura.

Inside the Box

I got the BMO and Lady Rainicorn decks while the Tiger got the fundamental Finn and Jake decks and Sarah got the Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess decks. And within each pack, there were:

  • The Rulebook
  • 2 Decks of 40 cards each (One for each character)
  • 8 Location Boards (4 for each of the decks)
  • Damage Counters in dominations of 1 and 3
Contents as they are
Contents as they are


The objective of the game is straightforward – You and your opponent have 25 Life Points, whoever still has points after either one of you loses all your life points win.

Card Wars is a two-player game, and works very similarly to Magic: The Gathering.

On your play area, place the four locations in any combination you would like (especially if you have created your own deck). Location boards give you the number of turns you need to summon a monster affiliated with the locations. Each board also gives you the row each monster attacks – if there’s no opposing monster on that row, you can attack the player directly.

The Game We Played

My first game of Card Wars was my BMO deck against the Tiger’s Finn deck. And with our first time playing, the strengths for each deck were obvious – BMO’s deck concentrated on increasing power through discards, while Finn’s deck concentrated on increasing power through teamwork.

Life Points for each player could not go beyond 25, and the game does not end when the last card is drawn. These twists bring about a new level of strategy we needed to win the game.

The quality of the game components, however, could be improved. And the lack of a life point counter meant you had to calculate those manually, though for many tabletop gamers, a pen and paper will be more than enough.

Regardless, we had a lot of fun playing it, despite the fact that I am not a fan of collectible card games. Card Wars was brought to life by Cryptozoic Entertainment and you can find more about them here.

Gameplay Winner: The Tiger.

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