Muse Moment

Muse Moment #2: The Perfect Opportunity

Muse MomentThe machine beeps. The door clicks.

You sigh hen the glass entrance swings open and you hunch your way to your seat. Only the glaring, white screen of your computer illuminates the office. The place is now a maze of empty cubicles under the hum of air-conditioning and the running of your CPU.

It is not surprising. You rub your eyes in an attempt to ignore the sleep which has been trying to snatch you over the past few days. And you curse at the text that came just before you were about to finally get to bed.

“New case: File in your hard disk.”

The CPU whirs and almost puts you to sleep. You struggle as you click through the emails, finally reaching the file you were meant to receive. As you download it, you lie back and contemplate a few winks. The system annoys you as 3:27 shows on the luminous digital clock and the load bar continues to crawl.

And when the screen pops up, your once-drooping eyelids fly open. The photo of your subject clear against the screen, and his blasted face appearing again in your life. Suddenly, you are fuelled on the adrenaline now pumping through your veins. You realize that you had been waiting.

There was a place in hell for people like him. And people like him always seemed to technically slither from your grasp without a trace. This time, you think to yourself, this time, you will not slip up.

His name appears – Dr. Shaun Tan.

You smile. And you lean back and stretch.

Got you, you son of a bitch.

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