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Book Bites: Comic Fiesta 2014

Book BitseEven before we hit the Convention Centre, the Tiger and I knew that this Comic Fiesta (CF) was going to be one of the most exciting ones we’re going to experience. So before I go into the event proper, here’s a lowdown on who we were expecting for this year:

  • The Tiger’s awesome gang of artists in the CF community
  • The Valkyrie Knights (a.k.a. our adventure crew in Singapore)
  • Ben & Jerry – Not Ice Cream, but the Tiger’s good friends in the comic community in Singapore

And the list was not exhaustive, especially with all the CF promotion threads and posts coming up on Facebook.


Our booth post-setup, pre-visitors for Day 1
Our booth post-setup, pre-visitors for Day 1
And this is Day 2.
And this is Day 2.

Here’s our booth, and the way it was decorated on Days 1 and 2. The Tiger and I shared the booth with Saph – the TEAMWorks booth – and we were located between Lalage’s (Hwei) and Reimena Yee’s (Ashel & Co.) booth. Ben, Jerry, Anna, Serah, Rain, and gang were on either ends of Row E of the basic art booths. Stephani Soejono, Sabrina Gan, and Azisa Noor were diagonally behind us on Row F. So yes, it was a happening area.

This year, the VIP tickets gave some guests access to the hall half an hour earlier than the rest of the monstrous queue on the outside. So we were there early. Ish. I was barely into my first buy of the event (A good number of Pokemon Mugs and Badges) when the guests started trickling in.

Then this (awesome) madness occurred…

And a sneak at Stephani Soejono <3
And a sneak at Stephani Soejono ❤

Nicole and Raven were the first visitors to our booth, followed by Lyn, Sarah, Avarielle, and Dave (J came on Day 2). Sarah made me do the “Amazing Race Phil Keoghan” thing to announce that they were Team 2. Yeesh. Despite all that, it was really funny, especially with this gif.

This year, however, seemed to have a whole lot of new doujins – not complaining, the Malaysian independent comics community is pretty amazing – and originals, which gave me great gifts and excuses to get new comics. There was also a good balance of fan and original merchandise, so that attract a good crowd of people as well.

Apart from that, it was, overall, another good event. The layout could have done a bit better though, since separating the basic and premium art booths kind of killed the mobility between the two areas. Other than that, another great experience in the bag.

On top of Comic Fiesta, the organising committee also has mini events leading up to the main one through the year. You can check them out on their Facebook page here.

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