Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind

Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind: 2014 in Review, 2015 to Come!

Eternal SightsWhat a year it has been!

It was an eventful year, to say the least. I have definitely gone through a few ups and downs in every aspect, and here are a few highlights I thought I would like to share:

The Great British Bake-Off

When they said this show was responsible for the revival of baking as a hobby in the United Kingdom, I believed it. Apart from cooking and packing my own lunches for work, I have attempted a few tasks similar to the themes meted out on the show itself. Suffice to say, the interest stuck.

Two of the three bakes I attempted this year - Biscuits!
Two of the three bakes I attempted this year – Biscuits!
Two of the three bakes I attempted this year - Biscuits, and Sandwich Sponge Cake
Two of the three bakes I attempted this year – Sandwich Sponge Cake

So I’m hoping to continue with baking – I can only hope my guinea pigs don’t run away too quickly! LOL.

Comic Fiesta

If there was something I look forward to in Comic Fiesta, it was being around incredibly talented and supportive people. Though I don’t exactly draw per se, it’s always a great experience – to be able to see the unabashed talent and sincerity of the artists behind the art booths in KLCC, and the great amount of support internally and externally.

Our booth post-setup, pre-visitors
Our booth post-setup, pre-visitors

This year was an awesome experience, to say the least – meeting new friends, catching up, and gathering with artists from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. I had a good haul of loot as well – originals and fanmade. So yes, this gif pretty much described my experience shopping during CF.

Mentor Access Project 2014 / 2015

2014 has probably been my most productive year writing-wise thus far. Apart from my stories being sold to KL Noir: Blue (Buku Fixi) and 24 Flavours (Math Paper Press), one of my happiest moments was being accepted into the Mentor Access Project for this year’s batch. With that came my mentor, Dave Chua, and the MAP Retreat, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Colin and his recounts.
Colin Cheong and his recounts.

Coming to the end of 2014, I actually managed to complete a draft of the YA Dystopian / Mystery I’ve been working on for the longest time. It definitely needs more work but it was definitely something I could not have done without the motivation and looming (and sometimes, self-imposed) deadlines.

Tabletop Season 3

Since I played Betrayal at House on the Hill with the Tiger and some of his friends, I was sucked back into the world of board games. And the games did not stop there. Thanks to channels like TeamHypercube and Geek & Sundry’s TableTop, I got to play a whole lot more games. So when TableTop announced their fund-raising efforts for Season 3, I was quite happy to join in.

And the awesome news from their side – TableTop Season 3 started at the end of November =).

30-by-30 List

Trying to sum my 2014 up into a single blog post can be considered near to impossible. I’ll probably take a year and still not be done. I ran my first run, went to Australia and Penang with the Tiger, had a couple of staycays with the VK, and went to countless events. At the end of it, it all culminates to my 30-by-30 list, and I’m glad I have managed to get off my butt and do a few things while at the same time, check those items off my list.

Apart from that, however, I still have much more to learn, do, see, and what-have-yous. Therefore, to those who are reading this post, I hope 2015 gives your more opportunities to grow, love, and live. To quote my good friend Jerrick, “May you find your love, and may those who have found it, stay with it.”

The Blanket Fortress looks forward to seeing you this year!

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