Update [December 2014]

Literary Event of the Month

Past the Christmas activities and busy meetups with everyone else, I would say that my literary event of the month of December would be of Comic Fiesta. And since I’m actually at Comic Fiesta at this given point in time, stay tuned for my blog post about it next week!

Blanket Fortress Play

To round up the end of this year, Blanket Fortress Play, my Tumblr, has featured “Story Wars” and “Adversity”. Since there’s going to be a change in this Tumblr, do take this chance in look at the analog games I’ve been playing in 2014!

BFP - Dec

Writery Endeavours and Wattpad

Wattpad - Dec

While Nanowrimo is done and dusted, the additional writing and rewriting of my YA Dystopian/Mystery novel, tentatively titled “Cross Navigation”, has descended upon me. Thanks to the help of my mentor, Dave, I hope this piece can turn into something good. Apart from that, do enjoy some poems I did for fun, “Apology to Ethos”, and “Joke”, on my Wattpad.

Coming Next Year…

There will be some changes for the coming entries next year, mostly because of work and a few major projects already set in place. Hence, as 2015 comes along, here’s what you can expect from this blog:

New Sections

I will be consolidating some entries from my Tumblr into this blog, bringing in all the other adventures I have (like Word Art and Baking) so that the topics of food, art, books, board games, and adventures can come together here. My tumblr, on the other hand go back to what it was before – random reblogs of awesome things I happen to come across in Tumblr.

New Schedule

Apart from the new sections, there will not be much change in the new year, just that I will be cutting down on Next-in-Reading and incorporating Blanket Fortress Play into my blog. Unlike 2014, Next-in-Reading will now be monthly – on the 2nd Monday of the month instead of every Monday. At the same time, Museum Escapades will alternate with Tuesday’s Decode: Adventure, if the posts call for it.

As such, the new schedule will be like so:

  • Monday – Next-in-Reading (2nd Monday)
  • Tuesday – Decode: Adventure / Museum Escapades (as and when)
  • Wednesday – Signal Boost / Bakes & Bites (as and when)
  • Thursday – Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind / Calligraphical (as and when)
  • Friday – Book Bites (as and when)
  • Saturday – Muse Moment (1st & 3rd Saturdays) / Blanket Fortress Play (Last Saturdays)
  • Sunday – Updates (Last Sundays)

With that, Happy New Year and I will see you soon!Blanket Fortress Logo


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