Update [November 2014]

Literary Event of the Month

To say that the month of November was hectic is probably an understatement. The Singapore Writers’ Festival and National Novel Writing Month pretty much took out a huge chunk of my time. Regardless, I would say that my literary event of the month has to be Lion City Secrets, a hilarious yet serious panel I attended during Singapore Writers Festival Weekend #1.

My Espeon joins my literary hijinks on Day 2 with this panel.
My Espeon joins my literary hijinks on Day 2 with this panel.

Blanket Fortress Play

BFP - Nov

The games this month mostly had something to do with my journey through National Novel Writing Month – Boggle, a classic wordplay game, and The Resistance, an espionage bluffing game. You can check them both out on Blanket Fortress Play.

Writery Endeavours and Wattpad

Wattpad - Nov

November has given me a very rough Draft -1 for my current work-in-progress, which I can now rewrite in December before handing it over for mentoring and workshopping. Wattpad-wise, I have added another two stories, a bit of a blast from the past (a.k.a. really old flash fics): Projection, and Of Tattoos and Asylums. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Coming Next Month…

It’s Christmas Month next month! And Next-in-Reading comes back for a few more weeks before the next year. Apart from that, do look out for:

  • Changes to this site for 2015
  • Comic Fiesta!
  • The last round of Next-in-Reading posts for this year
  • More Blanket Fortress Play posts
  • More Wattpad uploadsBlanket Fortress Logo

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