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Book Bites: From Concept to Print (@ Kinokuniya Main Store)

Book BitseI think one of the best phrases I got out from this session was when Wayne said that his audience was intended to be people who wanted to read stories that he told – stories which were not bound by genre or message, just stories that had heart and that were enjoyable.

Peter moderating the session as Audrey, Paul, Wayne, and Andrew think about what they're going to say next.
Peter moderating the session as Audrey, Paul, Wayne, and Andrew think about what they’re going to say next.
And Espeon joins in!
And Espeon joins in!

We arrived when Peter from HereBeGeeks was already into his first few questions, and the artists were talking about how they came up with their various concepts and pieces to be paired with Wayne’s stories in a collection called “Tales From A Tiny Room”. Apart from the humour and the camaraderie between Audrey, Paul, Andrew, and Wayne, it was very heart-warming to see the sincerity and integrity behind each piece.

Wayne was also rather informal during the launch, talking about enjoying the process of writing and appreciating the work that other people and parties have done for him – the artists, his editor, his publisher, his readers. I really liked that he was very sincere and genuine in his anecdotes, especially the story about his appreciation for a fan’s daughter.

At the end of the day, I really enjoyed the launch. All the best to Wayne and his future works! If you would like to find out more about “Tales From A Tiny Room”, click here.Blanket Fortress Logo


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